Open LAWASH application on your mobile device to order car wash. We will come to your location at choosen time and date to clean your car.



Budapest is our beginning, but we want to go far. Download today and find out if the place where you stand is covered by the service. We are working to increase further the area where are our Washer.


Outside wash
We will wash your car outside, clean the windows and wheels. For this wash you don’t need to open your car make sure alarm is off and car is accessible (we will need access if your car is in protected garage or garden).
Shine wheels and tires
We will clean and make shiny your wheels and tires.
Inside vacuum cleaning
We will vacuum your car interior, seats, trunk and mats.
Protect my car with wax
We will wash your car with wax which will give your car extra layer of protection.
Inside windows cleaning
Windows inside will be cleaned.
Dashboard and other surfaces cleaning
We will wipe your steering wheel, dashboard, transmission and other plastic, wood or leather parts in your car. We will use special protection coat for plastic parts.
Leather and textile care
All leather or textile in your car will be cleaned and coated with purpose cleanings.
Engine compartment cleaning
We will clean visible parts of your engine compartment. We do not wash engines.


Here you can find most common questions and answers.


Small Medium Large/SUV
Outside wash 3,990.00 4,990.00 4,990.00
Shine wheels and tires 490.00 490.00 490.00
Inside vacuum cleaning 990.00 990.00 1,490.00
Protect my car with wax 490.00 690.00 890.00
Inside windows cleaning 490.00 990.00 990.00
Dashboard and other surfaces cleaning 990.00 1,490.00 1,490.00
Leather and textile care 2,990.00 2,990.00 2,990.00
Engine compartment cleaning 1,990.00 2,990.00 2,990.00
Prices have included VAT.

Contact us

Send us email to: or call us on: 061-610-00-66 during working time.

What happen after booking?

1. You will receive an email confirmation of your booking (please check SPAM folder if you don't get the email). 2. On the day and time of your booking our washer will contact your on the phone number you had provided to access to your garage or car 3. After the wash you will receive email confirmation about job done and inside the app you will be able to rate the service between 1 to 5. If something comes up - no availability, thunderstorm with flooding, problem accessing your place - do not worry, we will find a way and contact you!

What is waterless car wash?

A waterless car wash is a car wash that is done using high quality, concentrated products that have been engineered to produce the same washing results as a water based car wash. They have the advantage to save tons of water for the same result! It's also known to be more convenient to perform a car wash in tight spots and on sensitive spots (private garages, underground parking). The only reason why we don't advise you to order a car wash from us is if your car have extensive dirt (like dry mud) on your bodywork that is hard to remove without water. If you are not sure please contact us.

When not to order car wash?

The only reason why we don't advise you to order a car wash from us is if your car have extensive dirt (like dry mud) on your bodywork that is hard to remove without water. If you are not sure please contact us.

Do i need to give access to my car?

Please have your car alarm disabled. If you order only outside car wash we don't need you to unlock your car however if you order inside cleaning or your car is in garage where we can not teleport into we will call you upon arrival for the access to the car. Please make sure your car is not parked tightly between two cars because we will not be able to clean your car if there is no space to go around car or open doors normally. Here is few examples how to have your car easily reachable for our washers: -Outside parking spot with enough space to work on car -Inside garage or parking space with authorization to have your car cleaned -Driveway in front of your home -In your living room... Please add a note when make booking in Add special instructions section if your car is on inside parking with instructions how to gain access (access code, phone number). Please make sure you are authorized to have your car serviced at the spot you choose on required date and time. Our car wash is water-less so it doesn't leave much dirt and saves planet and water too!

What times are washes available?

We are currently available in Budapest city area between 9:00 and 19:00 all year round. When you make booking you will be able to choose a date and time slot which suits you the most. All availability displayed on our app are real availabilities. If you see a slot you can book it. You can make a booking up to 3 days ahead. However, sometimes, especially on very short notice requests we may encounter a situation where we cant actually serve you on a booked time (happens less than 5% of time), in this case we will be contact you to find a better time.

Do I need to have any equipments?

You don't need any equipment. Our washers will bring all the necessary tools to clean your car. All you need is a car to wash!

How does booking work?

You can make booking over our iOS app over your smartphone. You will be asked to provide: -Your name -Your phone number where our washer can contact you during the day (need to be valid mobile number) -Email address -Password, to protect your account Then you will be able to add cars, addresses and payment information's.

Download the application:

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